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  • At home, I am going to change to a new car. I came to see a friend who introduced RX5 MAX.

    Totally, I have to change the car at home, I have an SUV, the space is large, and the power is better

  • My friend gave me the Amway RX5 MAX.

    After listening to a friend Amway, a wave of Roewe RX5 MAX was successfully moved to the 4S shop [detailed]

  • Visit the store Roewe, RX5 MAX is very eye-catching

    Today to visit the store Roewe, mainly to see his RX5 MAX, this car is very [detailed]

  • The new high-energy Roewe i5 is officially listed at a high-energy pre-order price of 59,900!

    Roewe i5 comes in line with the trend of the younger age of consumption, creating beauty and movement [detailed]