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about us

China Taixing.com is the first portal site in Taixing, the “Top Ten Civilized Websites” in Taizhou City, headed by the Propaganda Department of the Taixing Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and hosted by the Taixing Network Media Center. It was officially launched in November 2005.

Keep your eyes on the tall and grounded. As the official website designated by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Taixing.com has released this municipal affairs information, provided online government services, reflected the public sentiment of the city, and accepted social supervision. It has played the role of promoting and publicizing the city and serving as a public information platform. Window, a platform for attracting investment, and a bridge for external exchanges; on the other hand, it covers all aspects of social life and provides service information and interactions including clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. Best platform.

Integrate system-wide resources, enrich the team of media reporters, set up a new media editorial department, optimize and restructure traditional media production processes, adapt to the characteristics of emerging media communications, build an online home for citizen ʲôƱվͲʽ and social forums, and build government responses to public voices and improvements A dialogue platform for style.

Taixing.com has the power of both video and text by sitting on Taixing Radio and Television and Taixing Daily News resources. Here you can see the Taixing Radio and Television "Taixing News", "Live Taixing" and other columns, as well as the complete video and audio of radio programs. Listen to Taixing's voice and experience Taixing's style.