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Safe Spring Festival | What is the closest way to go home? Wait for your answer

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The Spring Festival is approaching and the taste of the year is getting stronger. Many people have begun to look forward to the journey back home. At this time of the year, it is their greatest responsibility for the traffic police to guard your safety.
On the way home, you must abide by the traffic regulations. You must know that you are anxious on the road, and the people who wait are always concerned about your safety.

Reminder 1: Do not be distracted while driving home

According to statistics, more than 60% of drivers will use mobile phones while driving, which will lead to distracted driving, reduced control, and the vehicle will deviate at any time.

Traffic police reminder: When driving, don't let the mobile phone occupy your safe hands.

Reminder 2: Do n’t ride a supercar in order to save money

I was eager to rush on the road. In the supercar, the tires deformed during the driving process, and the vehicle rolled over when steering and braking.

The traffic police reminded: Don't worry about riding in the overcrowded vehicle when you go home.

Reminder 3: Use light when encountering bad weather

There is more rain and snow in winter, and the haze situation is more serious. Bad weather will increase the risk on the road during the Spring Festival.

Traffic police reminder: you can't turn on the high beam in foggy weather, you should turn on the tail to reduce the speed.

Reminder 4: Safety belts can save lives at critical moments

Whether driving or taking a car, don't forget to fasten your seat belt.

Traffic police reminder: fasten your seat belt at critical moments to save your life.

Reminder 5: No matter how urgent you are, you ca n’t drive fatigue

On the way home, both day and night, long-distance driving is inevitable.

The traffic police reminded: Do not drive tiredly, take a 20-minute rest in the nearby service area every 4 hours.

Reminder 6: Do n’t drive as long as you drink

The members of the Chinese New Year party celebrated the drink and drank it at the banquet table.

Traffic police reminder: Remember to drive without drinking and drink without driving.

Call for messages for the Spring Festival

Spring Festival peace

The traffic police will always guard you on the road

Road safety

Also need the care of everyone

You have blessings and jingles

Want to give it to those who are on their way home?

What's the nearest way home? Fill in H5 for prizes ↓↓

Poke here! Fill in H5 to get prizes

Starting today, under the guidance of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee's Cyberspace Office, the Traffic Police Corps of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, together with Jiangsu Communications Holdings Co., Ltd., Modern Express, and Jiangsu Communications Culture Media, will solicit a Chinese New Year message for "Peaceful Spring Festival and Warm ʲôƱվͲʽcoming". Blessings and jingles, for those returning home during the Spring Festival, excellent messages are expected to be on the billboards of highways along the Jiangsu Province. Be original!

Watch H5 "What's the closest way home?" 》 Fill in what you want to say in the designated position, give me the answer, and give you a prize. Participate and get a chance to get a gas card and drive voucher. Come and join! Deadline January 15th, hurry up!


1st prize 1 RMB 2000 gas card

2nd prize 3 RMB 1000 gas card

3rd prize 10 RMB 500 gas card

Fourth prize 30 driving vouchers

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